1. farber is the worst player ever to play in final head to head, so it makes
    it that riess is the better player! of cause he would say that cause he is
    facing farber. anyone can say he is better than farber.

  2. Also when Ryan said he was a better player!….WAS HE RIGHT…YES!!! Is
    he a better player,…YES!!!! DID HE WIN, YES!!!!……DESERVES IT
    TOO! Its called CONFIDENCE, Not being “:Cocky” how RUDE for people to say
    that Riess is being Cocky, your just Jealous! LOL, HE A BETTER POKER

  3. Dear ESPN – your ending sucks! Way too abrupt! After watching this from
    Main Event Day 1 – over 20 hours – and to get to the end and you just end
    it so abruptly. How about a winners ceremony like every other sport on
    earth. Show him officially getting the bracelet. Some interviews. Come
    on. Get it together.

  4. 54:55 Forget Hellmuth’s blow ups, Forget Mike Matusow’s mental breakdown’s,
    Forget Scotty Nguyen’s needling because this just ranked number one as the
    Bitchiest, Whiniest, Ungrateful, Bad sport award of all poker history!!!
    Seriously Farber!? You’re guaranteed 5+ Million dollars, Reiss has played
    exceptional poker, has been given a lot of playable hands and has milked
    them spectacularly. Yet all you can do when you’re seconds away from being
    beat is cry “I don’t care…” It must burn to come that close, but its not
    a cooler, you genuinely got beat by the better player. So take it
    gracefully and be glad you won so many coin flips to make it this far.
    Give JC Tran a call, he can teach you a few things about sportsmanship.

  5. Agreed. He’s a cocky shit. Comes from being young and arrogant. Farber
    carries himself better. Jc tran is a better player. Actually 3 guys at that
    table are better players

  6. As soon as they interviewed Riess, they asked him how he did it, and he
    replied, “I’m the greatest poker player in the world.” Before the final
    table began, he had said, “I’m the best player here.” WOW. The
    announcers were kinda like, “pfffttt!” His ego may come back to haunt him
    one day. He’ll learn.

  7. @54:38 Is Riess complaining that Farber has “hit everything*?! Ryan Riess
    had one of the luckiest run of cards I’ve seen in a long time. I really
    don’t like how egotistical and cocky Riess is.

  8. Riess is a bit too cocky he is not the best player at the table for sure jc
    tran is. No way is he the best player in the world either. He played good
    but he got a lot of good cards. I was more impressed jay farber made it to
    heads up and he didn’t catch as many cards as riess did

  9. Ryan Riess played some of the BEST Poker I have ever seen! HE IS A
    BEAST!!! No matter what anyone says he is still the WSOP CHAMPION!!! AND HE
    EARNED IT!!! ALL THE WAY!!! Farber wasn’t that good, he only played
    strong holdings and rarely had it, he made what ONE good Bluff on Ryan, and
    Ryan Bluffed Farber what 100 or better, come on RYAN IS A PRO< that was CAKE!

  10. i did not liked the face of this guy from day 1. is ugly like joe cada. but
    besides he hurts my eyes, he played almost flawless and deserves better
    than farber.

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