1. I genuinely cannot believe they got Bruce Buffer in here. It’s fucking
    poker, not mixed martial arts. I mean, look at Reiss for fuck’s sake! It’s
    always overkill, I don’t know why they refer to Merson as the ‘defending
    champion’ or why Phil Hellmuth has to sit there with his slicked hair and
    camera-hungry expression chatting shit. Back in the day, it was just POKER.
    Now it’s a fucking mashup of patriotism, UFC and boxing. What the fuck.

  2. If Farber wants to get Riess to fold to his three bets they need to be a
    bit bigger he is making them. most of Farber’s three bets are begging for
    Riess to four bet. 

  3. Farber has been making racist tool twitter posts at the WSOP in Europe
    lately. I guess he couldn’t hide the douche that he is for long. No legs
    and no class.

  4. I’d recommended not wasting your time on this final table as it was really
    lame and not at all worth the 10 or so hours it will take to watch it.

  5. =/ unsubbed from all poker update channels waiting to watch the final
    table, then you upload heads up first..

  6. Hey thaakillah. thanks a lot for all the uploads! just curious what is your
    username on stars/fulltilt?

  7. it is in chunks starting from here

    WSOP 2013 – Main Event Final Table Part 1 World Series of Poker 2013 (LIVE)

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