Large Scale Participation At Unibet Event

The action heats up as Unibet Open Main Event at Bucharest approaches. It is scheduled to be on from 1st to 4th of December this week.

Those who are participating are already embarking on the journey as preparations will start off from 30th November. The Unibet Open Poker Tour is an annual event that is held in different destinations every year. This tour is more popular for the Open Main Event that promises to be the largest in history. The cap on participation in this event is 800 players.

This year the Bucharest city being the host, those who are flying down or traveling to this Romanian city to take part in the poker events will also get a chance to explore the different sights and sounds of this historic place. The organizers are expecting the season finale event to be a record breaking one as there is large scale participation expected, about four times the general level of participation seen in any poker event across the world. Continue reading “Large Scale Participation At Unibet Event”

Japan To Legalize Casinos

With several countries cashing in from tax collection from online ventures like poker rooms, Japan is not to be left behind as well. Recently there was a vote to get regulations in for Japanese casinos.

Ministers have been voting for the same and the ruling party in the country would like to get a casino bill passed through before the year ends. Regulations in Japanese casinos would then become a reality soon as the Liberal Democratic Party is pushing for the same. Till now live casinos are not legalized in Japan. However the Liberal Democratic Party seems sympathetic towards the same. The country is also seeing the effects of casinos, online as well as offline, in neighboring countries like China and Taiwan, where tax revenues are being reaped in over the years. As a result the country is ready to realize the benefits of the same. Continue reading “Japan To Legalize Casinos”

US$1.5 billion Powerball victory can get you a lot, reports

The US$ 1.5 billion Powerball is going to be the biggest in its history, fueled in part by the execution of online lottery services in some parts of the Unites States and the Powerball making the odds of winning last fall roughly 1-in-292 million (up from around 1-in-175 million).
The payment I around is roughly US$ 930 million. Of course, there are taxes. Winning the kitty would turn you as rich as Guy Laliberte, who has a net worth of US$ 1.52 billion, as per Forbes. Guy, the poker playing businessman, was the organizer of two US$1 million buy-in tournaments at World Series of Poker in Sin City Las Vegas. It has also been rumored that he is one of biggest losers of online poker in history.
Even without the One Drop US$ 1 million buy-in event at the World Series of Poker, a high roller event player might still spend 7 figures each year in buy-ins. Recently, poker pro Daniel Negreanu, recently stated in post, “The price of poker tournaments has reached new heights so buy-ins could exceed $2 million in a single year quite easily.” He plays most of these tournaments every year.

Continue reading “US$1.5 billion Powerball victory can get you a lot, reports”

Melanie Weisner is among the forgotten and unsung poker heroes

Poker has evolved tremendously in the last few years; it now includes virtual and live tournaments. Players can straddle in the in both games to optimize their earnings as well as spread risks, but very few have versatile skills to achieve this.

Melanie Weisner who is a guru poker player is American-based and has played online as Callisto5 and also ventures in live tournaments. In the two diametrical games, she always leaves the platform well paid and sometimes notching venerable titles. Being a lady and investing in what is ubiquitously known to be a male dominated sphere in the gambling world, she is an exemplary player for other women. Poring over her voluminous resume unearths significant accomplishments that have come her way.

Online, she has played numerous games, starting with the PokerStars Turbo Takedown in 2009 where she placed third in a pool of 10,614 players to rake in $40,000. The following year, she emerged second in the FullTiltPoker Double Deuce 200k Guaranteed Tournament to take home $24,000. Continue reading “Melanie Weisner is among the forgotten and unsung poker heroes”

Billy Pappaconstantinou Boasts Great Poker Talent and Potential

The poker table has its owners when one thinks of the outcome of principal events that are organized globally.

There are those players who will leave nothing to chance when it comes to clinching the trove top prizes and making a name in the poker arenas. These players are excellent epitomes for those who are looking forward to join the casino for plethora earnings.

Player Billy Pappaconstantinou is among the well-known players who have played remarkably well in the casinos and can be ascribed the traits of a top winner and trailblazing figure in the industry today. Purists would not hestitate to share a table with this upcoming WSOP potential winner. Continue reading “Billy Pappaconstantinou Boasts Great Poker Talent and Potential”

Nevada online poker specialist

Real Gaming, the brand under which South Point Casino has wandered into the online space, has started what is considered its soft start phase. The association’s website could be found here. Initially slated to be called “South Point Poker”, the organization re-marked last year.

South Point was once considered to be the most loved to be the first Nevada site up and operational, yet it was jumped to the business sector by Ultimate Poker. It is an offshoot of Station Casinos — and the WSOP — possessed by Caesars Entertainment Corp. Extreme Poker started movement last spring, while the WSOP started last fall. South Point appropriated an internet betting license in 2012.

At this moment, the site is putting forth no-restriction Hold’em cash diversion stakes up to $5-$10, notwithstanding small-stakes sit-and-gos. There are no multi-table tournaments at present. Just individuals, aged 21 and up, placed physically inside Nevada can play. Notwithstanding Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have online poker. Some sort of smaller between the three states is likely, not for a long while.

Consistent with, WSOP (Nevada) and Ultimate Poker (Nevada) are averaging 110 and 75 cash diversion players over the past week, respectively. That is the thing that Real Gaming will need to rival. Nevada has a populace of just around 2.7 million.

One of the profits of having a third Nevada webpage running is that it will allow the Silver State to eventually report some official numbers on web poker incomes. Last year, live and online poker in Nevada got $123,891,000. With this, the Real Gaming group would be the third group to enter the world of casino gaming. The profits of the gaming industry are quite lucrative for any company to enter this wonderful world. The new gaming license will usher in a new age of casino gaming for poker lovers.