MCOP Main Event In Amsterdam

With the MCOP event going on in Amsterdam, there is a lot of emphasis on the event and the different programs that are unfolding.

For instance, the Main Event has recently taken place and fans will be interested to know that Brosky led in this event. The Day 1b that unfolded saw Michiel Brosky leading the charge. Noah Boeken was winner of the High Roller event of MCOP. There was a lull for three days, after which the Main Event started off with nine levels. It was held at the Holland Casino Amsterdam, which is the venue for MCOP and has been so for several years now.

The event saw a big turnout. There were a total of more than two hundred entries which combined with the participation on Day 1a and this led to a large increase in turnout. Since it has been only Day 1b, registrations are kept open till Day 2 for which the number might grow even more. Continue reading “MCOP Main Event In Amsterdam”