Japan To Legalize Casinos

With several countries cashing in from tax collection from online ventures like poker rooms, Japan is not to be left behind as well. Recently there was a vote to get regulations in for Japanese casinos.

Ministers have been voting for the same and the ruling party in the country would like to get a casino bill passed through before the year ends. Regulations in Japanese casinos would then become a reality soon as the Liberal Democratic Party is pushing for the same. Till now live casinos are not legalized in Japan. However the Liberal Democratic Party seems sympathetic towards the same. The country is also seeing the effects of casinos, online as well as offline, in neighboring countries like China and Taiwan, where tax revenues are being reaped in over the years. As a result the country is ready to realize the benefits of the same.

The casino regulation issues were covered under Integrated Resort Promotions in this country and discussion in this context was stalled for the time being. The ruling party in the beginning of the year had stated that there would be no voting on the issue. However, the current scenario sees a change in attitude towards this bill. The surveys that have been done on the subject show that there might be some opposition from the lower and upper houses. However, the bill might still pass through by December 14th. It is stated that the Prime Minister will surely sign it off as soon as the bill is passed and he would be looking forward to seeing the operations kick in by the beginning of 2017. Japan is getting into a recessionary mode and the country needs to find ways to increase tax collection from different sources. Entertainment venues in the country would also increase.