Four Labors More For Shaban In Order To Get The Coveted Platinum Pass

Arlie Shaban was assigned with the Arlie 12 labors back in September. He started his work with Veldhuis, who is also known as the Dutch Lion. While working on 3rd labor, he found out from Daniel that he could get the coveted Platinum Pass if he could get 12 labors by the time the year ends.

Shaban called on for help from Staples: improve the audio and in order to gain the emotes, improve the stream by introducing break scene and start countdown scenes; improve branding so that it is easier to differentiate from the streamers; improve his attitude by showing over ten video clips in which he seems to deal with a moment of frustration. His positive mindset and stream gadgets are on display now every time he goes on a stream. Without Hartigan knowing, Stapleton took requests via twitter of challenges like cockerel crowing, 20 times spinning, changing his shirt multiple times in few minutes, and quite awkwardly, also informing Hartigan that somewhere he had been seen before.

Taking place in Jason Somerville’s event, Shaban’s work was to get the most mythical creatures of poker including Chris Moneymaker whom Shaban and Tyson Apostol, a fellow TV star, captured in a challenge on a mountain bike. The eight labors. Shaban was made to steal a horse along with money for the Horse Tournament.

Shaban needs only four more labors by procuring poker immortality and getting the Platinum Pass that will enable him to play the biggest tournament of his life in the Windies. The labor tournaments are indeed fun and they add an element of fun in the field of poker. It is extremely exciting for the poker fans and even outside viewers to watch these kinds of shows, a variety of survey says.