Billy Pappaconstantinou Boasts Great Poker Talent and Potential

The poker table has its owners when one thinks of the outcome of principal events that are organized globally.

There are those players who will leave nothing to chance when it comes to clinching the trove top prizes and making a name in the poker arenas. These players are excellent epitomes for those who are looking forward to join the casino for plethora earnings.

Player Billy Pappaconstantinou is among the well-known players who have played remarkably well in the casinos and can be ascribed the traits of a top winner and trailblazing figure in the industry today. Purists would not hestitate to share a table with this upcoming WSOP potential winner.

He came to the fore in the poker industry after he won the foosball Championship to become the first US player to place first in the event in early 2013 to rake in $78,800. This year he is playing the World Series of Poker although he has no antecedent record there. He also became popular when he played at the $500 Buy-In World Poker Finals in 2010 that saw him place 8th to walk away with a handsome $15,341.

He has also clinched the first position in the U.S Foosball Champion five times that has earned him a total earning of $456,990.  He also featured in the European Foosball Tournament 2013 that added him $60,000. In the meanwhile, live events alone have seen him take away a whacking $116, 379.

In the ongoing WSOP Major Event, he has propelled to the ultimate stage with eight other players owing to his lengthy experience in Foosball events. As the best in Foosball, his record if he wins at the WSOP tournament will catapult him to the hegemonic category including top players like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu in the US.